Palmetto Number Theory Seminar, Meeting 7

College of Charleston, Charleston, SC

October 11-12, 2008


The Palmetto Number Theory Seminar was organized in 2006 by number theorists in South Carolina for the purpose of fostering collaboration among us and bringing the latest techniques and results to South Carolina through outside speakers.  PANTS is supported by grants from the NSA and the NSF. 

The upcoming meeting is being hosted by James Carter and Paul Young at the College of Charleston.

Plenary Speaker:  Florian Luca, "On sums of powers of primes"

Abstract:  All integers are divisible by the product of their prime factors. Some, like 30, are not prime powers yet are also divisible by the sum of their prime factors. In this talk, we will take a closer look at such integers as well as at integers satisfying related divisibility conditions. For example, we will see that for every positive integer k there are infinitely many positive integers n having more than two distinct prime factors and which are divisible by the sum of their prime factors, by the sum of the squares of their prime factors, and so on up to the sum of the k-th powers of their prime factors. The proofs use variations of Vinogradov's Three Primes Theorem. 

Many of the results presented in the talk have been obtained jointly with Jean-Marie De Koninck.

Plenary Speaker:  Ram Murty, "L-series and transcendental numbers"

Abstract:  We will discuss the transcendence of special values of Hecke and Artin L-series.  We will apply this study to obtain new results about transcendental values of the classical Gamma function.

Contributed Talks: 

James Carter, College of Charleston, An update on the restricted Hilbert-Speiser and Leopoldt field properties

Hester Graves, University of Michigan, Introduction to Euclidean Ideal Classes

Renling Jin, College of Charleston, Plünnecke's inequality for densities

Sebastian Pauli, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, Factoring polynomials over local fields

Guohua Peng, Sichuan University, The genus fields of function fields

Ethan Smith, Clemson University, The mean square error for the Čebotarev Theorem in cyclotomic extensions

Jim Stankewicz, University of Georgia, Possible torsion subgroups of CM elliptic curves

Dan Yasaki, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, Perfect forms over real quadratic fields

Paul Young, College of Charleston, Questions related to the factorization of degenerate Bernoulli numbers

Conference Schedule  Schedule of Talks


 PDF map of downtown Charleston and Area Map   If you zoom in about 200% to 300% on the downtown map you can see the street names listed. 

 Campus Map  All talks will be in room 235 of the Robert Scott Small Building, which is building number 23 on this map.  Also note that Coming Street is a one-way street directed away from downtown (i.e., "Coming is going").


Parking lots AD (entrance from Pitt Street) and GL (entrance from George Street) are freely available on weekends.  You may also park in one of the parking garages at an hourly rate. 


We have arranged blocks of rooms at the following Charleston hotels.  Mention that you are with PANTS.  You might also want to try for deals on local hotels; there is aso a rebate program for students and educators at which you may use.  You can also try if you wish. 

  • Best Western Sweetgrass Inn
  • 1540 Savannah Highway, Charleston (about 7 miles from C of C), (843)571-6100, fax (843)766-6261.  20 rooms reserved at conference rate of $139.99 if booked by September 10, group name C of C Math Dept.

  • Sleep Inn Charleston
  • 1524 Savannah Highway, Charleston (about 7 miles from C of C), (843)556-6959 or 1-877-424-6423.  20 rooms reserved at conference rate of $139.99 if booked by September 10, group name PANTS.

  • Holiday Inn Express
  • 1943 Savannah Highway, Charleston (about 7 miles from C of C), (843)402-8300.  10 rooms reserved at conference rate of $139.99 if booked by September 10, group name CMM.

    Travel Support

    PANTS has a limited budget from which to provide support for travel.  Here is a visitor expense form which may be used to request support. 

    Giving a Talk

    Send email to Paul Young ( with your name, title (if known), and abstract (if available).  Contributed talks are typically twenty minutes in length; we will attempt to accomodate talks of other lengths. 

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